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About the Eco Cabins

CAT Eco-cabinsThere are two Eco Cabins and each provides well insulated, centrally heated accommodation for 18 people.

Approaching the Eco Cabin from the covered link area you enter a welcoming, carpeted open-plan living space with kitchen facilities to meet the needs of self catering groups. The room is furnished with easy chairs, fold down tables, stackable dining chairs and coffee tables to offer maximum flexibility. Beyond is the bedroom area with six bedrooms, including two singles, plus shower rooms and toilets. Hot water for the kitchen and showers is heated by the woodstove or by the roof-mounted solar panels. You can use the woodstove for cooking or you can use the adjacent gas cooker. A classroom with T.V. and video facilities is available next to the cabins. Groups receive the support of the Duty Education Officer and all are given a free introductory talk on arrival.

Situated close by, are the photovoltaic cells, wind turbines and water turbine which, via batteries, supply the Eco Cabins with most of their electricity. A diesel generator is available to provide additional power when needed.

Monitor your resource use!

Complete monitoring of the energy inputs and outputs can be carried out from within each Eco Cabin. Wood can be weighed and the volume of gas used can be measured. The unique `Electricity Board' records the battery voltage as well as all electrical inputs and outputs. In addition it displays the available solar energy, windspeed and inside and outside temperatures. Although simple for the novice to read and understand, this information can be used to make detailed calculations on the efficiency of the turbines and solar cells.

Innovative Water Recycling!

Water can be provided continuously to the Eco Cabins. You may choose instead to collect water from a nearby standpipe and deliver it to the header tanks yourselves, enabling you to monitor consumption. ActivityUsed water passes through the reed bed sewage system where it supports a variety of plant and animal life, before returning safely to the environment.

Team Building and Community Activities

The Eco Cabins' energy and water resources, together with the associated monitoring equipment, provide an opportunity for co-operation in the management of these resources to be a central feature of your Eco Cabin residential. It is also possible to participate in community activities such as collecting wood, gardening, building paths and improving the visual environment.

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