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Courses for educators at CAT2016

New CPD opportunities for global education.

FREE CAT CPD courses through the Global Learning Programme

CAT is offering courses for teachers that schools can access funding for through the GLP. See the weblinks below.

Schools in England - https://globaldimension.org.uk/glp

Schools in Wales - https://globaldimension.org.uk/glpwales

We are currently offering the following course but we could discuss adapting course content with GLP schools.

If you are a school and would like the course for a group of teachers we can fix a date to suit you.

If you are an individual teacher get in touch with us at CAT to discuss possible options.

A “Zero Carbon World” is possible?

The menu of activities for the course include:

  1. Exploration of the global challenges facing us, including the impacts of climate change, poverty and inequality (in relation to income, access to energy and resources, carbon emissions etc.) .
  2. Greenhouse gas emissions (including energy use and food) in Britain, their impacts and the choices available to reduce them, individually and collectively.
  3. Energy production potential and the impacts of the choices open to us as a society in Britain.
  4. Exploring and visioning a sustainable zero carbon future for Wales within a global context.
  5. Global water sources, use in Britain and exploration of the water footprint and its impacts.
  6. A lifecycle analysis of a product, looking at the human and environmental  impacts of energy use, resource extraction, farming, processing and distribution and also trade justice and the role of fair trade.

Whole day course (9am-4pm) – all the above

Half day course – 1-4 of the above

Target audience:

Teachers of pupils from KS2 upwards.

Material will be of particular value to teachers of Geography, Science, the Welsh Baccalaureate and D&T.


Most of the delivery will be via activities that the teachers will be able to use with pupils. Methodology will involve the participants in scrutinising information, discussion and development of ideas in small groups.

It will include the use of the following CAT educational resources:

Energy Trumps activity which is available as a bilingual free download.

The Green House bilingual carbon calculator designed for schools.

Where’s the Impact? / Ble mae’r Effaith? This can be delivered using a small chocolate egg with a   toy inside, a mobile phone or a cotton shirt.

If you want to discuss this opportunity with us contact:

Ann MacGarry 01654 705963 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Previous CPD courses

FREE CPD FOR TEACHERS of Welsh Baccaluareate

The Global Citizenship Challenge offers numerous, diverse opportunities to engage your learners with real-world issues.

Get to grips with the Global Citizenship Challenge was a free one day CPD workshop for secondary school teachers aiming to give teachers  the confidence and skills to engage  learners' curiosity about the world. The aim was to explore key Welsh Baccalaureate themes and skills and provide practical ways of incorporating this into  the  lessons.

Get to grips with the Global Citizenship Challenge took place around Wales.

3rd March 2016, Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth
The workshop is suitable for Welsh Baccalaureate teachers and any secondary school teacher looking to develop global citizenship in their school.

This exciting opportunity was  delivered in partnership with the Centre for Alternative Technology, the Council for Education in World Citizenship and Fair Trade Wales and is funded by the British Council International Education Programme.

Education for sustainable energy – free teacher training

28 October 2014 at Centre for Alternative Technology

Teacher training ideal for science and design technology secondary school teachers

Teacher training ideal for science and design technology secondary school teachers

“Excellent day! Lots of ideas to take away” Ysgol Tywyn June 20th 2014

Get activity ideas for bringing global issues into the classroom on a free one day course. Aimed at teachers and trainees at secondary level, the course focuses on energy and sustainable futures. It is mainly delivered through interactive activities, backed up with well researched information.

The one-day course is free and includes lunch and supper, thanks to support from the European Greenet project.

Free course content

“Nice setting, knowledgeable staff, good ideas for activities” Teacher from Wales, June 20th 2014

  • • Energy and Climate Change activities
  • • Practical workshops on teaching renewable energy
  • • Visioning a Zero Carbon Future
  • • Using resources developed by CAT
  • • Lunch, refreshments and supper

Click here to download the full programme

“A very enjoyable day with good useful ideas” Shrewsbury Sixth form college, June 20th 2014

Stay longer…

CAT Eco Cabins

Subsidised overnight B+B accommodation is available before and after the training at the rate of £20 per night including breakfast. Accommodation is in our Eco Cabins. You could also bring a friend, they can explore CAT and the area and just pay for their accommodation.

An extension to the course is available the following morning for £30. In this additional time you will explore:

  • Eco-footprinting
  • Food and land use
  • Environmental Building

STEM teachers in Welsh secondary schools may be able to get a bursary – please contact us.


Deirdre Raffan

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

01654 705982/3

Energy today and tomorrow

Free one day teacher training course

Friday 20th June 2014 at the Centre for Alternative Technology

Energy today and tomorrow poster

Download  flyer and course schedule

Introduction to energy and the need for change

This workshop will use a mix of presentation and activities you can use with pupils to explore Climate Change, impacts of fossil fuel use, the limits to resources and the energy sector in Britain and the rest of Europe.

How can we make a difference? Carbon choices activity.

How do we decide what can make the biggest difference to our impact on Greenhouse Gases?

What uses most energy in our lives?

This workshop aims to answer these questions in a lively and engaging way, using an interactive activity developed by CAT’s experts. The group make decisions together about their choices and can see the impact on a screen. They always very readily engage in trying to get their bottom line as low as they can. The activity enables them to try out different choices, seeing the difference between them.

Unlike other calculators, ours incorporates all aspects of our lives, including food and the stuff we buy.

This activity works well with all ages from KS2 to 6th formers.  CAT education staff are very experienced in adapting their questioning and delivery of information to the group they are working with.

It can work well with a group of 30 but the smaller the group, the more individuals get a chance to be heard.

Energy Trumps

We have used the Trumps game format to present information on a wide variety of energy sources, comparing like for like with information that has been thoroughly researched. Participants will play CAT’s Energy Trumps and then be introduced to some of the activities for KS3 and 4 that we are developing to go with the game. There are 30 cards in our Energy Trumps including a range of energy sources, energy conservation and energy storage technologies. The previous version is available as a free download on the resources page.

The updated cards and the STEM activities they support will also be freely available there.

Planning an energy future for Britain

In this activity the participants work in small groups to develop their own ideas of how we could run Britain without using fossil fuels. They then present their ideas using a variety of modelling materials displayed on a map of Britain. They have access to background information researched for CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain project. At the end groups always find it interesting to see the scenario developed in Zero Carbon Britain and compare it with their own ideas.

Pupils find this activity very engaging and we’ve found that the use of modelling and the map seem to liberate creative thinking and humour.

Practical activities for enquiring minds

At CAT we have developed designing and making activities with wind, water and solar power and delivered them to pupils of all ages over many years. This will be a very quick introduction to these fun workshops.

To book contact:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

01654 705983

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