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Lectures and workshops

We are available to deliver lectures and run workshops at conferences on a wide range of issues relating to sustainability.

CAT Education runs workshops/training, at CAT or elsewhere, on:

  • education for sustainability (ESDGC),
  • visioning a Zero Carbon future
  • renewable energy
  • sustainable food
  • Climate Change
  • Eco-Footprinting
  • embedding sustainability in specific areas of the curriculum


  • teachers, education advisors, teacher trainees
  • pupils
  • staff of environmental organisations
  • youth leaders
  • anyone who wants to incorporate sustainability issues into their activities

Recent workshops –

  • Zero Carbon visioning for Geography teachers
  • Wales Europe and the World for Welsh Bacc teachers
  • Zero Carbon food futures for a youth organisation
  • Sustainable careers for a variety of teachers and groups of pupils

In addition we produce resources for other organisations - see consultancy

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