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School group in a windpower workshop

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All our workshops address sustainability across the curriculum and many include issues related to global citizenship. Specific curriculum links can be made to Design and Technology, Science, Geography and Citizenship. They can also support PSE and Wales and the World in the Welsh Baccalaureate and Theory of Knowledge in the International Baccalaureate. Most of our workshops can also be adapted for individual or groups of teachers.

For more information or to book a day visit, please contact the Education Department on 01654 705983 or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Tuition/Tours for School/FE College Groups

All the sessions listed can deliver STEM for your group at the level and depth you need

TuitionAdditional InformationPrice Guide
DurationLevelMax Nos
Introductory Talk (not available at weekends or school holidays) Recommended for all groups unless booking a guided tour FREE 10 MINS ANY 50

The Story of Water

Explore the footprint of water, its impact on people and planet in all its various forms and uses. Learn about the journey of water at CAT by following a guided trail from the resevoir in the hills down to the water balanced railway.


75-90 mins

(approx age 9-18)



The Greenhouse Gas Game


(Bilingual version available )


This fun and interactive workshop shows how the Greenhouse Effect works and the problems associated with Global Warming. Includes a scientific quest around the CAT site. £60
60 mins

Ks 2-4

(approx age 10-15)


18 max per group

Guided Tour of the Display Centre

Tailored to your needs and adaptable for different key stages
£60+ 75-90 mins KS2-5 (approx age 7-18) 20

Sustainable Buildings and Materials Tour

Tailored to your needs and adaptable for different key stages £60+ 75-90 mins KS2-5 (approx age 7-18) 20

Solar workshop

(It's possbile to purchase kits from the CAT Eco Store)

What can you do with solar energy? Find out in this interactive workshop £60+ 60-90 mins KS 2&3 (approx age 7-14) 18
Windpower Workshop
An introductory talk followed by pupils designing & testing their own models £60+ 60-90 mins KS2-5 (approx age 7-18) 16

'Where's the Impact' Workshop

Discover the impact of the things we buy on people and the planet using popular, every day examples (e.g. Kinder Egg)

£60 60 mins KS 2-5
(approx age 9-18)
Zero Carbon Futures Workshop
What will a zero carbon Britain be like? Create your own vision for a sustainable future through critical thinking, role play, team work and hands-on activities



(approx age 11-18)
Organic Gardens, Growing and Composting Tour £60+ 60 mins KS2-3 (approx 7-14) 20
Tuition/Tours for University/College Groups
Specialist guided tour @ £120 (max 20) 2 hours
Introductory talk free (max 50) 10 mins
(term time & weekdays only)
Guided tour @ £90 (max 20) 90 mins
Specialist lecture @ £75 (max 50) 60 mins
Specialisms available - Renewable energy systems, Sustainable building, Green design, Climate change, Wind power, Water power, Solar energy, Impacts of electricity generating, Organic growing, Sewage systems, Reedbeds, Reducing your ecological impact, Zero Carbon Futures

Workshops/Practicals @ £60 (max 12 per group)
Specialisms available - Renewable energy systems, reed beds

Question/answer session @ £60 (max 50) 1 hour
Useful at the end of a visit - an opportunity to ask anything and discuss issues.


Upper Ks 2 -4

(approx age 10-15)

18 max per group

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