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School group in a windpower workshop

Possible Tuition / Activities

All our workshops address sustainability across the curriculum and many include issues related to global citizenship. Specific curriculum links can be made to Design and Technology, Science, Geography and Citizenship. They can also support PSE and Wales and the World in the Welsh Baccalaureate and Theory of Knowledge in the International Baccalaureate. Most of our workshops can also be adapted for individual or groups of teachers.

For more information or to book a day visit, please contact the Education Department on 01654 705983 or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Tuition/Tours for School/FE College Groups

All the sessions listed can deliver STEM for your group at the level and depth you need

TuitionAdditional InformationCostDurationLevelMax Nos

Water Footprints

Discover the hidden water in everyday products in a fun workshop


60 mins

KS 2-5 (approx age 7-18)


Crazy Cars


Find out about sustainable transport with a focus on cars in this interactive talk

£30 30 mins
KS 3-5 (approx age 11+)


Ask the big biofuels questions in this interactive talk

£45 40 mins
KS 4-5 (approx age 14-18)

Construction workshop

Practical workshop investigating sustainable building materials

£55 60 mins
KS 4-5 (approx age 14-18)
Introductory Talk (not available at weekends or school holidays) Recommended for all groups unless booking a guided tour free 10 mins any 50
Question & Feedback Find out more, challenge us and be challenged free 15 mins any 50
Guided Tour of the Display Centre (for KS2) Tailored to your needs £50 75 mins KS2 (approx age 7-11) 20
Guided Tour of the Display Centre (for KS3, 4 & 5) Tailored to your needs £60 90 mins KS3, 4 & 5 (approx age 11-18) 20
Windpower Workshop (It is possible to purchase pupils' models) An introductory talk followed by pupils designing & testing their own models £55 60 mins KS2-5 (approx age 7-18) 16
How can we make a difference? A fun engaging way for pupils to make choices about reducing their carbon footprint £35 40 mins any 40
Rubbish & what to do about it How to reduce our ecological impact by thinking about what we buy and what we do with it £35 40 mins any 25
Slug & Bug Hunt Foraging for wildlife and finding out it's importance to us and the environment £30 30 mins KS1 & KS2 (approx age 5-11) 12
Sustainable Food Fascinating food facts! Discover how eating healthily also reduces your eco-footprint £30 30 mins KS 3-5 (approx age 11+) 25
Global Sustainability - what is it? Thinking about the big issues and interdependency, ESD, GC and Climate Change £30 30 mins upper KS2 + (approx age 10-18) 50
Climate Change and what to do about it The science and facts behind what's happening and what people are doing about it £35 45 mins KS3+ (approx age 11-18) 50
Where's the Impact? The well-known chocolate egg activity explaining the environmental impact of the stuff we buy on people and the planet £55 60 mins KS2+ (approx age 7-18) 25
Energy: Conservation and Renewables How Britain can play its part in global energy reduction £35 45 mins KS3+ (approx age 11-18) 50
Zero Carbon Futures (Please choose either interactive workshop or talk) What will a zero carbon Britain be like? How will we carry on? We have some practical, realistic ideas £35 45 mins KS5 (approx age 16-18) 50(talk) 30 (w/shop)
Eco Buildings Workshop (Please consider bus/coach space if taking models back) Practical workshop designing & making model buildings to explore low energy principles £75 90 mins KS2 & 3 (approx age 7-14) 16
Eco Buildings Presentation on the principles of designing sustainable buildings £35 45 mins KS4 & 5 (approx age 14-18) 50
Sustainable Biology Sustainability - composting, organic growing, biodiversity, biofuels - how do they fit in? £30 30 mins KS3, 4 & 5 (approx age 11-18) 50
Getting to Grips with Wind Turbines Practical work with wind turbines. Ring for more details £65 60 mins KS4 & 5 (approx age 14-18) 10
Getting to Grips with Solar Power Practical work with solar water heating or electricity. Ring for more details £65 60 mins KS4 & 5 (approx age 14-18) 10
What's in Your Lunchbox? Investigate the eco footprint of food in your lunchbox! £30 30 mins KS 1&2 (approx age 5-11) 50
Wales, Europe and the World An Interactive talk and discussion through a Welsh perspective on economics, politics, society and the environment. £55 60 mins KS3+4 & 5 (approx age 11-18) although can be adapted 30
Solar workshop What can you do with solar energy? Find out in this interactive workshop £55 60 mins KS 2&3 (approx age 7-14 20
Eco-schools and Beyond (Please choose either interactive workshop or talk) £45 45 mins KS2-5 (approx age 7-18) 50(talk) 20 (w/shop)
Zero Carbon Land Use (Please choose either interactive workshop or talk) How can land produce all the food that we need as well as energy crops, sequester carbon and protect biodiversity? £50 45-60 mins KS 3-5 (approx age 11+) 50(talk) 20 (w/shop)
Composting Workshop Practical workshop to discover the secrets of the compost bin £45 45 mins KS 2&3 (approx 7-14) 20
Composting and Anaerobic Digestion As the Composting workshop with an opportunity to find out about anaerobic digestion - creating energy from plant or food waste £55 60 mins KS4 & 5 (approx age 14-18) 20
Tuition/Tours for University/College Groups
Specialist guided tour @ £90 (max 20) 2 hours
Introductory talk free (max 50) 10 mins
(term time & weekdays only)

Guided tour @ £60 (max 20) 90 mins
Specialist lecture @ £60 (max 50) 1 hour
Specialisms available - Renewable energy systems, Sustainable building, Green design, Climate change, Wind power, Water power, Solar energy, Impacts of electricity generating, Organic growing, Sewage systems, Reedbeds, Reducing your ecological impact, Zero Carbon Futures
Question/answer session @ £50 (max 50) 1 hour
Useful at the end of a visit - an opportunity to ask anything and discuss issues.

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