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Where's the Impact?

This innovative, interactive teaching resource explores what the Eco-Footprint of a product is, and helps to explain the many and varied impacts of any product.

Chocolate harvested in West Africa... bauxite mined in Australia... aluminium smelted in Iceland... plastic made in China...

There are literally thousands of processes involved in the production of any given product.

Where's the Impact? looks at the processes and energy involved in the making and transporting of products for sale in our shops.

The Where's the Impact? activity will help build pupil's understanding of production processes associated with familiar and everyday products. It will also help to develop their awareness and critical thinking around issues such as environmental sustainability, energy, global resource depletion, poverty and inequality, pollution, trade and globalisation (amongst many others).

Pupils use the Where's the Impact? set of stimulating cards to tell the story of a product from beginning to end. The cards have easy to understand graphics and text to describe individual processes such as farming, oil refining, various types of transportation, mining and fabricating, making them suitable for a wide range of levels and abilities.

This resource contains:Where's the Impact

  • activity cards for up to eight groups of 3 - 6 pupils
  • an introduction to what the Ecological Footprint is
  • notes on how to run the Where's the Impact? activity
  • a list of sources of further information about the Ecological Footprint

The activity can be run at a variety of levels, from KS2 to A level. Everything you need is here.

Price: £26.00 £21.00 excluding postage

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