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Why visit CAT?

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We offer fun, facts and stimulating ideas, and cover various aspects of your curriculum, particularly in science, technology and geography for any level

from infants to postgraduates.

At CAT we offer day and residential visits with a diverse range of practical and theoretical activities which can be adapted to tie in with STEM curricula.
Providing education to pupils of all ages for over thirty years, CAT complements all STEM subjects with a solutions-focused perspective on climate change, global poverty, finite resources and biodiversity loss.

•    Sustainable design
•    Renewable energy
•    The Dyfi Biosphere
•    Zerocarbonbritain2030

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Putting energy, the environment and sustainability into context with a visit to CAT, could open doors for STEM learners who may not respond well to traditional classroom methods. Not only would students have a unique opportunity to gain essential skills and knowledge for the future but also to interact with a community consciously creating a more ecologically sound future through cooperation, understanding and education.

We also deliver teacher training in Educating for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship for teachers of a range of subjects, focusing on how different subjects can be related to ESDGC.

What kind of group are you?

School & College - From nursery to KS5 and FE, we offer tuition sessions, workshops, guided tours and residential visits adaptable to your specific subject needs. All of our

tuition is based on the fulfillment of ESD(and GC in Wales) Education for Sustainable Development (and Global Citizenship in Wales) in the national curriculum. Core subjects for a visit to CAT are Science, Technology and Geography and Welsh Bacc, including very successful tuition for a wide variety of other areas.

University – Specialist lectures and tours for under and post-graduate levels include: Renewable energy systems, sustainable building, green design, climate change, wind power, water power, solar energy, impacts of electricity generation, organic growing, sewage systems, reedbeds, reducing your ecological impact, Zero Carbon Futures 

Of particular interest may be the zerocarbonbritain2030 sessions which take a holistic view of the energy scenario of the UK, and work from a solutions-focused perspective to develop a sustainable energy scenario for a zero carbon Britain in 2030.

Youth Group – We offer practical and theoretical activities, guided tours, residential accommodation for longer trips to explore the local area, and the chance to experience renewable energy and sustainable living in context. Please take a look at the schools/colleges tuition list for inspiration, we can always adapt sessions to your needs.

– We welcome groups of adults from all backgrounds. Please get in touch to talk to us about what we can offer your particular group.

"The children and the staff found the experience informative, thought provoking and extremely enjoyable.  I must commend the Centre staff for the knowledge, enthusiasm and ability to interact with the children, all these aspects were exceptional."
Assistant Headteacher, Cardiff School, visit Summer 2010.

Want to visit CAT but your budget needs a boost?
We are excited to be able to offer two different bursaries for visiting schools or colleges.

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