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Tuition: Eco Cabins

Tuition/Tours for Residential School/College Groups
Tuition Additional Information Cost Duration Level Max Nos
Guided Tour (General) A general tour round the whole site £60 Approx. 75 mins any 18
Guided Tour (Specialist) Can include: Renewable energy, Organic gardening, Sewage systems, Environmental building £120 Up to 2 hours any 18
Guided Tour (The Story of Water) Explore the footprint of water, its impact on people and planet in all its various forms and uses. Learn about the journey of water at CAT by following a guided trail from the resevoir in the hills down to the water balanced railway. £60 per hour 75 mins to 90 mins age 10-18 18
Sensory Exploration Following a well- marked trail blindfold. Lots of fun, but can be muddy and wet. Old clothes and shoes are needed. These are unlikely to be fit to wear the next day - bring bin bags to take them home in. £60 Approx 1 hour any 18
Guided walk Woodland Trail through woodland environment; dormouse reserve, native trees, good view of cabins and CAT wind turbines £60 per hour
up to 2 hours any 18
Guided walk Community wind turbine (not in lambing time-March/April) overlooks CAT, reservoir and the Dulas valley £60 1 hour any 18
Guided walk up to CAT reservoir and small wind turbines Includes seeing the old slate quarry - puts CAT into a historical context. The small wind turbines, on the top of a slate tip, were an early experiment in wind power when CAT first opened £60 1 hour any 18
Zero Carbon Britain Exploring how can we reduceBritain's carbon emissions to zero through discussion and debate, using a large floor map and model constructionto investigate different scenarios £60 1.5 hours - 2 hours age 11-18 25

Energy Trumps

A highly interactive game using CAT's Energy trumps cards resource. Pupils compare energy sources and ways of using them in an engaging way £60 1 hour age 11-18 30
Practical Tabletop Activities Designing and making models Wind power/Solar power. These sessions can be adapted to suit all ages and abilities. Hands on and enjoyable way of learning about generating electricity from renewable sources £60 per hour
Up to 90 mins any 18
Drama workshops/Cooperative games A good way to get to know each other and work together as a team - and fun! £60 up to 1 hour any 18
Greenhouse Gas game An interactive workshop designed to show how the Greenhouse Effect works and the problems associated with Global Warming - participants become the sun's energy rays!

As part of the exercise, the group undertake a site survey to distinguish good and bad environmental practice, culminating in a group discussion.

£60 1 hour approx age 8-14 18
Where's the Impact? Often called the 'Kinder egg' activity, exploring the impact of the stuff we buy on people and the planet. £60 per hour 1-1.5 hours age 7-18 18-25
Eco- Footprinting activites
Using fun activities learn more about the impact our activities and lifestyle can have. This session can stimulate thought about all sorts of aspects of our lives; from transport to food, waste, homes, heating and more. Could lead into lots of extension activities in the cabins or after the visit, especially looking into how to reduce your footprint. Two laptops can be booked for follow up work in the cabins using an interactive footprint website. Please ask for details of information individuals should bring with them to fill in the website. £75 -95 1½ to 2 hours 8 to adult 18
Question and Answer session Best done at the end of a visit, or at least until after your group has had a chance to take a good look at the CAT display £30 1/2 hour any 36

How can we make a difference?

A fun engaging way for pupils to make choices about reducing their carbon footprint in their home environment £60 1 hour age 11-18
History of CAT Putting a historical context on a CAT visit. How did CAT begin? How did it develop from a small group of volunteers back in the seventies to the large professional organisation it is today? A fascinating perspective on CAT. £60 1 hour age 11 to adult 36
Exploring Food Footprints

Through following the story of some very common food products pupils explore some of the impacts our food choices have on the climate, land use, the environment and health.

The workshop builds up from a simple low-impact product to add layers of types of food, inputs, processing and transport to make impacts clear in a very visual way.

45mins or 60 mins any 25
Global Challenges This activity explores the challenges facing us today and in the future. It gives a useful perspective on the Welsh Baccalaureate challenges. It deals with climate change, threats to biodiversity, resource depletion, global poverty, inequality, future energy and the links between these issues. There can be a greater emphasis on a particular challenge if requested. 1 hour KS4 or 5 25

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